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PSM in Bioinformatics Management



The School of Systems Biology offers a Professional Science Master’s degree (PSM) in Bioinformatics Management. This degree addresses the growing demand for trained bioinformatics professionals with solid management skills able to assume leadership roles in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care sectors. The flexible degree structure allows students to custom design a curriculum that best suits their needs and allows a focus on the biological big data analysis, genomics, or bioinformatics software development and management. Students will receive advanced training in bioinformatics and management through coursework and external internship. The curriculum was developed with active input from the Program Advisory Board consisting of recognized leaders in the field. Many courses are offered in a distance-learning format, allowing students to participate in class without having to travel to campus.
Board-approved Curriculum

Due to the varied course options and their associated prerequisites, students are encouraged to create a program of study with their faculty advisor by the end of their first semester of studies.

Bioinformatics (15 credits) [SCIENCE]

·         BINF 630- Bioinformatics Methods- 3 credits

·         BINF 631- Molecular Cell Biology for Bioinformatics- 3 credits

·         BINF 702- Biological Data Analysis- 3 credits

Choose two from the following courses or other BINF-prefixed courses in consultation with the faculty advisor:

·         BINF 633- Molecular Biotechnology- 3 credits

·         BINF 634- Bioinformatics Programming- 3 credits

·         BINF 650- Introduction to Bioinformatics Database Design- 3 credits

·         BINF 731- Protein Structure Analysis- 3 credits

·         BINF 732- Genomics- 3 credits

·         BINF 740- Introduction to Biophysics- 3 credits

Professional Skills (7 credits) [PROFESSIONAL]

Please note: MBA-prefixed courses are offered on an alternative semester schedule (view the Schedule of Classes for details). Considering this, it may be advisable to take these courses in one semester rather than over several.

·         BINF 705- Research Ethics- 1 credit

·         MBA 712- Project Management or MBA 715 Advanced Project and Program Management- 3 credits

Choose one course from the following that hasn’t previously been taken:

·         BIOL 508- Selected Topics in Animal Biology (when the  topic is Research & Development in Biotechnology Companies)-  3 credits

·         AIT 671 - Information Systems Infrastructure Lifecycle Management- 3 credits

·         COMM 641- Advanced Communication Skills for STEM- 3 credits

·         GBUS 540 - Analysis of Financial Decisions- 3 credits

·         GBUS 550- Strategic Thinking- 3 credits

·         MBA 712- Project Management - 3 credits

·         MBA 715- Advanced Project and Program Management- 3 credits

·        MBA 725- Leadership- 3 credits or GBUS 551- Leadership- 3 credits

·         MBA 726- Negotiations- 3 credits

·         MBA 730- Management of Technology and Innovation Processes- 3 credits

·         MBA 738- Business Intelligence and Data Mining- 3 credits

·         PUAD 781- Information Management: Technology and Policy- 3 credits

·         Or other courses in consultation with the faculty advisor

Scientific Electives (6 credits) [SCIENCE]

Choose 6 credits in courses that haven’t previously been taken, tailored to suit interests and goals in consultation with the faculty advisor. Close attention should be paid to each course’s prerequisites. Course suggestions by interest area include:

Big Data Analysis

·         CSI 654- Data and Data Systems in the Physical Sciences- 3 credits

·         CSI 695- Scientific Databases- 3 credits

·         AIT 622 - Determining Needs for Complex Big Data Systems- 3 credits

·         AIT 581 - Problem Formation and Solving in Big Data- 3 credits

·         AIT 580 - Analytics: Big Data to Information- 3 credits


Synthetic and Systems Biology

·         CHEM 665- Protein-Protein Interactions: Methods and Applications- 3 credits

·         BIOS 701- Systems Biology- 3 credits


Human Health and Personal Genomics

·         BINF 732- Genomics- 3 credits

·         BIOL 556- Cancer Genomics- 3 credits

·         BIOL 562- Personalized Medicine- 3 credits

·         BIOS 740- Laboratory Methods in Functional Genomics and Biotechnology- 3 credits

·         BIOS 741- Genomics- 3 credits


Software Development and Analysis

·         BINF 634- Bioinformatics Programming- 3 credits

·         SWE 521- Software Engineering Essentials- 3 credits

·         SWE 619- Object-Oriented Software Specification and Construction- 3 credits

·         SWE 621- Software Modeling and Architectural Design- 3 credits

·         SWE 626- Software Project Laboratory- 3 credits

·         SWE 645-Component-Based Software Development- 3 credits

·         SWE 637- Software Testing- 3 credits



If chosen, it is recommended that students take the colloquium course early in their studies so that they may be exposed to various possibilities and areas of research presented by the speakers.

·         BINF 704- Colloquium in Bioinformatics- 1 credit (may be repeated for up to 3 credits)

Experiential Component/Internship (3 credits)

·         BINF 795- Bioinformatics Internship- 1-3 credits [to be created] (may be repeated but the maximum amount of internship credits that can be applied to the degree is 3 credits)

Degree Total: 31 credits